Weekly Message from Traceymay

photo by a Friend

Dear Friends,

I hope that you can see in the photo that the cardinal is looking right at the camera.  People more creative than me could make up some fantastic captions about what that cardinal might be thinking.  All I can think of it how cold his feet must be.  According to an article from Cornell Labs, birds’ feet can get extremely cold even while their core body temperature is maintained at 100 degrees fahrenheit.  Their feet are mostly bone and tendon with very little tissue and nerves that would detect and be pained by extreme temperatures.  Birds have been on the earth for a hundred million years, about 98 million years longer than we have.  Birds have had a really long time to perfect their survival techniques; this is not the case with humankind.  We can’t even agree about wearing a mask or taking a life-saving vaccine.  I’m thinking this does not bode well for our evolutionary survival, Friends.
But let’s narrow our focus a bit.  Let’s think about our own survival for a little minute and leave the fate of humanity for another day.  During this holiday season, I encourage us all to think about what we are doing to sustain ourselves.  This is NOT a selfish pursuit.  When we are well cared for, we have more to offer the world.
If the model of God as a parent figure is something that works for you, then I would take it a step further; wouldn’t a parent want the best for their children?  Wouldn’t the Source-of-all-goodness-that-we-call-God want us to care for ourselves as best as we can?  I think the answer is, “YES!”
So please take good care this holiday season, Friends.  Be the only one to wear a mask if you know it is the safest choice.  Decline that gracious invitation or suggest an alternative if you are not feeling at ease about the safety being part of a gathering.  Eat good food, drink good water, try to get more sleep than you might think you need, and by all means keep those feet warm!  We have to do our part to care for ourselves; I think the God I adore would agree.  Consider these words from Jeremiah 29:11:
“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  

We are still waiting for our hardcopies of this year’s UCC Advent Devotional Readings.
Read the first week here.
These daily writings are authored by some of the most insightful theologians of our age, in my opinion.

Do you like to bake?  Or would you want to purchase baked goods to be served at Jay Jacobs’ memorial service reception this Saturday?  Initially, the family wanted to host everyone at their family farm, but plans have changed.  The service and the reception will both be held at the Highway Barn and church folks are invited to bring a dessert option.  The service is at 11 a.m. this Saturday, 18 Willard Hill road.

Calling singers! Sunday December 12th is the Journey to Bethlehem in downtown Hancock.  

Main street is transformed for a walking experience of the Nativity and Hancock is requesting help with singers.  The Journey is from 2-4 and there will be a practice sometime next week.  Please email Amy Wilson at nh.amy.wilson@gmail.com for more details.  What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Our Choir is re-convening this Thursday (and following Thursdays, Dec. 9 and 16)
5-6 at Chesham Church

To help support Ed and Ginny Brooks with rides and weekly casserole deliveries over the next 6 weeks, please follow this link to the Care Calendar that Cathy Lovas created (you will need the codes that follow):


Calendar ID   : 301692
Security Code : 2319

The beauty of this particular system is that it will send a confirmation email and then reminder emails to you and to Ginny when your shift is coming up.  Cathy has used this service many times in the past; it is secure, efficient, and donor supported.
Needs are in red.
Needs fulfilled will appear in green.

Thank you so much for supporting our beloved Friends with your love and prayers.  Not everyone will be able to drive or contribute food and that is ok.  Sending encouraging emails to Ed and Ginny are really helpful, too:
We are all doing something and that is what counts!

Giving Tree

All gifts are due back to the tree, wrapped with gift tags attached, on or before Sunday Dec. 19th or Tuesday Dec. 21st
All the tags were selected from the Giving Tree; HURRAY!
Thank you so much!

Renovations are moving right along at the brick church!  All the exterior trim and steeple painting are completed and all of the interior plaster work (upstairs and downstairs) is done.  Fred and Kat are working on the fourth of the six interior windows and Kris Keith began to dig for and place the footings for the new main entrance on the north side of Fellowship Hall.  I wish I had taken pictures; use your imaginations or stop by and check it out!  We are so fortunate to have such skilled craftsmen and craftswomen working on this project and a fabulous Preservation Committee working diligently to keep it all on track.

Continued prayers, please, for the family of Jay Jacobs.  Jay’s memorial service is this Saturday at 11 at the Harrisville Town Barn, 18 Willard Hill rd.

Please join me in prayer if you wish.

God of my heart, I am grateful to be one among many kind-hearted people.  In this holiday season, please help me to remember to care for myself so that I may be a clearer reflection of your goodness and grace in all I say and do.  For all those who are ill with challenges both physical and mental/emotional, I pray that they will find comfort and companionship in difficult times; may I be a comfort and a companion.  For all those who are living in scarcity, I pray for the light of hope and the source of inspiration to guide them to greater stability; may I be a source of light, hope, inspiration and stability.  For us all as we aim to stay vigilant to safe practices to avoid covid and other illnesses, I pray for courage to do what we know is best and gratefulness for our health; may I be courageous and grateful.  I pray in Christ’s name.  Amen.

“See to it that you walk with care, not as unwise, but as wise, making the most of your time.”   -Ephesians 5: 15-16

Gratefully walking with you in all of the seasons of our lives,



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