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Dear Friend,   Below is a picture of a stonewall; it is a stone wall that I have driven past hundreds of times along Bonds Corner road and yet I have never before noticed the gap in it.  Do you see it?

There must be some kind of spring or something uphill of the gap. Water is not actually running under the gap but it the ground is saturated with water.  What caught my eye, of course, is the aesthetic quality; it is very beautiful, in my opinion.  And yet the more I thought about the decision that someone obviously made to create an opening in a wall strikes me now as quite profound.
I want to be like that wall.  I want to be strong and supported, sturdy and supporting.  I want to stand firm on the ground that I am familiar with so that I have a deep sense of place.  I want to make a statement (many statements, really) about what is solid and long-lasting and indisputable.  I want to protect those that need protection and I want to warn those who may not have the best of intentions.  I want to maintain space in my life for people who have opinions that are contrary to my own, so that their ways can pass through; I can observe them and possibly learn from them without being threatened.  I want to be still for awhile.  I want to serve a purpose.
I am obviously thinking a lot about that stone wall!
I would love to hear what you think of it, too…what thoughts and feelings it evokes for you.  If you would like to respond, write me a separate email at Traceymaykalvaitis@gmail.com (replying to this one will not make it to me).

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread, for it is God who goes with you.   -Deuteronomy 31:6

I am worried about our culture and our country…about where we are headed.  I have to keep reminding myself to turn my worries into prayers for what I WANT to have happen; worrying is like praying for what we DON’T want!  I pray for strength and courage for the living of our days; and for deep rest when night time comes.  So be it.  Amen.

We had a fantastic turn out from our church at the Affordable Housing Trust Information Meeting this past Monday evening.  There will be more to come about that.  

This Sunday at 1:00 there is a gathering to honor the life of Guy Jackson.  The gathering will take place in one of Guy’s favorite places: his barn!

Next Monday, May 9th, I will fly down to visit with my Dad and (hopefully) buy a newer car to drive home.  Please contact me via phone or email.  I will still be attending to things from there, but my dear Friend and colleague Leaf Seligman will be in the pulpit on Sunday May 15th and I hope you will tune in either in-person or over zoom; she is one of the most insightful and articulate people I have ever known.

Correction:  Outreach has one more meal this month, on Tuesday May 24.  On the menu is chicken surprise, salad and dessert. Please reserve your meal(s) before May 20th by calling Laurie Jameson at 603-876-5003.

Saturday May 28th at 2p.m. we will gather for a service for Margaret Gurney in the church sanctuary.  Reception will follow, outdoors.  Masks are required, please.

Before we close in prayer, I ask that you remember the family of Margaret Gurney- her husband Bill, their sons and daughters-in-law Henry and Julia, Charlie and Sarah.
Also prayers for Anne Fields, our Friend and former choir member that graced us all with her beautiful voice and her love of reading the Sunday Scriptures.

God of all seasons, help me to be grateful for the rain even though I could really use some sunshine.  Help me to be thankful for the times I had with Friends who are now no longer here to talk with and to laugh with and to cry with.  Help me, I pray, to find a sense of satisfaction (at least sometimes) and yet I pray that my senses will never be dulled to injustice, wherever and whenever I experience it, especially if it is within my own heart and mind.  Give me the words that heal, give me the patience that can accompany another through any trial or tribulation.  This I pray with all my heart and in the name of my teacher, Jesus of Nazareth.  Amen.

What if the only way God can exist in our world is through us?

Just asking,


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