Sunday School

No children came to Sunday School on March 8, 2020. People were getting nervous.

Covid 19 was real. Our Sunday School classes immediately resumed by email and then, in September, by recorded lessons. We evolved. We adapted. We tried in so many ways to stay connected. And we really, really missed our children. On Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022 – 773 days later – our children returned and, for the very first time, got to have class in our brand-new Sunday School Room! The addition to the Dublin Community Center, which is a spacious, light-filled dedicated space for our Sunday morning faith formation, was physically completed in the early months of 2021…..but it was not until April of 2022 that it was consecrated by the voices and spirits of our beloved children! Alleluia!!
Our children meet in the Church Sanctuary at 10:30 to join our church family for the beginning of worship. After announcements, the Call to Worship, the first hymn, Unison Prayer, and Music for Meditation, Pastor Traceymay calls the children and young adults forward by name and they settle in for a wonderful “Children’s Time.” The congregation then “sings” the children out of the Sanctuary to their Sunday School class in the Dublin Community Center.
All children from nursery school through eighth grade are welcome to join at any time throughout the year. Our multi-age classroom is for first through eighth graders. There is a separate space for nursery aged children, but, if at all possible, we like to keep the little ones close by in the classroom space – everyone seems to benefit from the inclusion!
Yummy Cady is our teacher; there is always either a high school assistant or parent present in each class. Our program focuses on how each child can make a contribution to their faith, their church, their community and the world. Our teachings are grounded in social justice lifting up the teachings of the bible, offering alternatives to world views that emphasize power and wealth, and helping those in need, both locally and globally. All of the children have a most important place within our church and are deeply valued. Pre-pandemic they offered a beautiful Christmas Pageant every year, and led the entire worship in June for Children’s Sunday.
We anxiously look to that return to normalcy. Our program actively seeks ways for our children to be active participants in outreach efforts. During the four weeks of Advent our children lead their church family in participating in alternative giving through Heifer International. ( Our Sunday School is very child-directed, each class open to the spirit that our children bring.
For more information feel free to call our Superintendent of Sunday School, Yummy Cady, at 603-924-3120 or email her at We are an Open and Affirming Church affiliated with the United Church of Christ.
We look forward to seeing you! Remember—children can join Sunday School at any time during the school year.

ABC’S for Worshipping with Children

Action: Kids are where the action is! Children are a huge part of the Love and Spirit of God. Giggles or the sound of small feet hitting the backs of the pews are joyful sounds! Sitting up front, where the kids can see everything that’s going on can help focus their attention.

Bulletins: The Children’s Bulletins can be both engaging and educational. There are puzzles and activities that relate to the scripture reading for the day. Make it part of your child’s job to pick one up when entering the church. Drawing supplies are also available.

Children and Youth Message: Encourage your child to go up front for Traceymay’s meaningful message and prayer. You are welcome to come, too! We all learn a lot from that time in our worship!

Demonstrate: Help your children move through the parts of worship by pointing out to them the various things that are happening in the Order of Worship in your bulletins. Help them participate in the Call to Worship, let them help you find the hymn number (or, if older, encourage them to stand and sing the hymn), during the Unison Prayer show them what it means to be “at prayer” with your church family, and they can definitely be part of our glorious Alleluia Response. And one of the big positives for sitting close to the front is that the children can see our wonderful choir sing!

Energy: Remember to celebrate the energy and vitality our children bring to worship every week. Children model Christ in ways we can’t imagine, but for their example. Smile at them, encourage them, as we, in turn, are encouraged by them to see and hear God in new and exciting ways.